Woman Running Legs

Running Injuries

Most runners will experience an injury each year that will interfere with training. These injuries can take an otherwise joyful running season and turn every jog into a frustrating battle. Most often the cause is incorrect running form. Poor form can develop over the years from either a lack of coaching or improper footwear. The difficulty in treating runners is being able to pick out the small mistakes in their form while the patient is running at high speed. This problem is solved by utilizing slow motion videotape analysis. When you are evaluated at Back In Motion we use a specially designed camera to videotape your running form. Together we can view your running in slow motion, looking at each small slice of time to monitor exactly how your foot is striking the ground. This method of analyzing your stride enables us to visualize far more than could ever be seen with the naked eye.


In conjunction with the videotape analysis, your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation of your strength, flexibility, posture, and foot mechanics. We then combine the information from the evaluation with the results of the video analysis to develop an exercise program tailored specifically to meet your needs. Whether your goal is running a marathon or to finish your first 5K we can help you do it pain free!